Monday, 28 December 2009

Here is a quick test of what i am doing.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sunday, 1 November 2009

silence, white and cold...

I am writing stories, no images only letters and words

Saturday, 3 October 2009


New video-test

I am testing out how to make my photos more interesting by adding a false perspective and a camera-movement. Here is one test.
More photos to come soon
This is from the first story which is about two old brothers playing chess for a long time and lost a lot of the pieces.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Looking back

These are the last 3 ideas that i had when i started to think about the project, right now I'm developing these ideas in other directions, but now I'm looking back to the origin searching for resources to solve some conceptual problems...



Limit of space, frontiers on space.

In an open space feathers/levies/bubbles fly by the wind of fan. Gradually are trapped by a web. The web cuts and they continue flowing.


1-2 min video.


Limits of space.



Filling and emptying places.

A room/pool/garage, with bottles, books, news papers, plants, keys, chairs, lamps, foam.


1-2 min video or/and photographs.


Control of spaces.


Became public in private space.

Tunnels, canals, streets, grey and cement city places.

Occupy with personal furniture, beds, cloth lines, nightstand, iron, vacuum cleaner


4-6 photographs.


Were is the limit between private and public places.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Big update!
I have started to make my first tests, its going to a experimental video composed of static-images of the objects that tells the stories i want to tell.
These images will have a fake-depth and perspective to them.
Below is a test-video of photo i did this way.

This movie will tell 4-5 stories about objects and memories for people in different times/places. Are portraits of persons through the objects. It will told with images, voice and sounds. Instead of a normal video i want to make compositions of fotostasis.
Below is fotos from a setting/house in which i will tell the first story.

How context of the object changes if its placed in the wrong place

Are the objects and memories related to the place? And what
does this do to the memories stored in the objects?

Meanwhile i am developing the stories i also search for the good visual style and play with empty and full spaces. Is an empty place devoid of memories? Are a full place, full of memories?

Saturday, 19 September 2009



Hidden animal paws and tails at home.


Group of 4-6 photographs representing the situation of a wild animal indoor as a human or children life.


Context switch, of familiar places, private spaces, domestic to public, wild and natural life.



Save impossible. Keeping objects wrong save places.


Group of 4-6 photographs. Keep a ballon in a birdcage, a tree in a trunk, an egg in a locker, a buried object...


How we keep our life.



Freezing memories. Keeping memories inside a fridge and freezer.


Installation - group of photographs of the cube ice memories. Keep material memories inside ice cubes, at a real freezer. Different memories in the fridge inside bottles, boxes and bags.


How we keep our memories, how to freeze moments in a literally way.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Sketches and ideas

In the following posts I'm going to write some different sketches and ideas that I want to develop during this corse on my project, some of them can coexist together, the rest I will work with them later...



Spontaneous bursts. Everyday objects (ice cream, pillow, glass of water, book, lamp, news paper).


2-3 minute video, close-up, low speed, inside and outsides. Real explosion and special digital effects.


Talk about lifetime of still objects, they don't live forever, time over.



Stethoscope manipulated. Everyday objects manipulated (telephone, pillow, fork, book, lamp, ball). Recorded sounds, music, speeches.


Installation. The objects will be presented in a kind of stretcher of a medical clinic. When you put the stethoscope close to the objet you can listen different sounds that are recorded already but you need to activate the system when it's near to the object that you want to listen too.


Human sounds that live inside the objects. Transference of our thoughts, concerns, diseases... to things around us.



Little human sculptures on wax. All the same, same shape, same color, same size, made by the same mold. Placed on line like an army, like soldiers in 3 or 4 shelves. Only one of the sculpture present different changes...


1-2 minute video. The video is going to show how one os the shapes is changing all the time, never is going to stay standstill like the others. Moves, falls, melts, flies, disappears. The background is always the same, lighting is going to change.


Talk about equilibrium and disequilibrium. This different sculpture, is the key to keep the group all together. If finally this can stay standstill the rest of the “army” falls, burns, disappears too.

Monday, 14 September 2009


My name is Laura. I'm an art student from Madrid-Spain and I'm going to finish my studies here in Sweden during this course... If this blog or me are useful for someone

your welcome!