Thursday, 24 September 2009

Big update!
I have started to make my first tests, its going to a experimental video composed of static-images of the objects that tells the stories i want to tell.
These images will have a fake-depth and perspective to them.
Below is a test-video of photo i did this way.

This movie will tell 4-5 stories about objects and memories for people in different times/places. Are portraits of persons through the objects. It will told with images, voice and sounds. Instead of a normal video i want to make compositions of fotostasis.
Below is fotos from a setting/house in which i will tell the first story.

How context of the object changes if its placed in the wrong place

Are the objects and memories related to the place? And what
does this do to the memories stored in the objects?

Meanwhile i am developing the stories i also search for the good visual style and play with empty and full spaces. Is an empty place devoid of memories? Are a full place, full of memories?

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